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Sottile Baltaxe is an employment law firm dedicated to helping employees who have suffered from discrimination or harassment in the workplace or employees who have been retaliated against or wrongfully terminated by their employers. All cases are taken on a contingency basis. We have helped many employees throughout the last three decades receive money compensation as a result of this serious mistreatment in the workplace. We believe that by holding employers accountable for their unlawful actions, we are making the workplace better for all employees.

Sottile Baltaxe also handles serious personal injury matters on a contingency fee basis. Our attorneys combine decades of experience that has resulted in a proven track record of successful verdicts in complex personal injury cases. Our attorneys are dedicated to making sure that you get the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries.

The workplace is a legally protected place because we all depend on our jobs for our financial survival and, to a large extent, our sense of self worth. When an employer violates the laws that protect the workplace, fails to prevent or correct illegal conduct or retaliates against employees who report it, the result is often devastating to those affected. Discrimination, harassment and retaliation can relate to an employee’s race, ethnicity, age, disability, religion, gender, sex, sexual orientation and other protected conduct such as accessing medical or family leave or reporting discrimination, harassment or other illegal conduct such as workplace safety violations. 

The laws governing employment law and personal injury are complex and require attorneys with substantial experience representing individuals who have experienced any problems in the workplace or have suffered a personal injury. Our firm has experienced lawyers focusing on these complicated areas of practice. Once we are able to determine that you may have a case, we schedule an in person meeting to go through the facts of your case in greater detail.


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Sottile Baltaxe offers free consultations where individuals can speak with attorneys or experienced paralegals regarding potential employment law or personal injury claims. Most importantly, we take on cases involving employment law or serious personal injury on a contingency fee basis.


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